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The Update begins on Wednesday, October 4th with dinner at 6:30 p.m. and concludes with lunch at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 7th.

Once again, in the spirit of choice, we do not have a set agenda. We will use the opening evening activity to decide, as a group, how we will make best use of the time that we have together. We will trust the wisdom of the group and be prepared to engage in the activities we jointly decide. It should be an exciting and surprising event, full of aliveness and spontaneity.

We do want to gather ideas before the event, so that everyone has a sense of what we will cover. Please submit ideas for sessions and if you will volunteer to present. Sessions should be experiential and interactive, since that is what people appreciate most. Sessions should also contribute something valuable — examples are: getting business results with the material, ways to use the work for change, leadership development, etc., ways to go deeper for participants, ways to sell projects, consulting skills, useful activities.


Suggested sessions:

  • Endarkenment skits
  • Success stories
  • True Alignment® – introduction to FIRO theory applied to aligning customer desires, strategy, culture, and leadership
  • Alternative activities
  • Worldwide view of The Human Element
  • Principles behind The Human Element
  • Exploring Defenses Further
  • Using The Human Element in Organizational Development – how to use the material for long-term engagement
  • Beta testing of new materials – surveys on defenses and payoffs
  • Alternative Element B interpretation
  • Using Decimo meetings, including specifics for facilitating
  • Shorter Human Element programs, including customized one day events
  • ICS certification in France – new approach
  • Supervision for LHEP in France – supporting practitioners


Make a suggestion!

We will decide the exact agenda at the beginning of the Update and this will help us to have lots of ideas to choose from.