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The Encounter begins with breakfast on the morning of October 8th and concludes with lunch on the afternoon of the 11th. Check in begins on May 7th at 3pm and dinner is provided.

The Encounter is a workshop unlike any other. With spontaneous activities designed to follow the energy of attendees, Encounter was the essential core around which Will Schutz ultimately developed The Human Element® Program. With its origins in Will’s pioneering work in T-groups at the National Training Laboratories (NTL) in Bethel, Maine and the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, it is the ultimate personal growth experience.

Encounter is one of the only places on the planet where the incredible power of raw emotion can be experienced and harnessed to work through conflict rather than glossing over it. It allows you to look behind the veil of polite conversation, political correctness and hidden agendas to discover how others really react to you. It is an opportunity to experience yourself as others experience you; to embrace what is working well, and to take an honest look at what is not. It is the real “no spin zone.”


A picture from a previous gathering.We live in a world where personal success depends on your ability to build trusting work relationships, decipher subtle emotional cues, remain calm during chaos and influence outcomes. This is complicated in that people do not react to your well meant intentions, but rather to their beliefs about your intentions based on their own interpretation of your behavior.

Participants get candid feedback on the impact of their interactions and how their actions either help create engaged, meaningful personal relations, or result in resistance and conflict. They discover patterns of behavior that improve their ability to influence others and gain insight into the patterns that may lead to negative outcomes.

Who Should Attend

Encounter is the best way to increase your skills and capacity to deliver The Human Element, Radical Collaboration, The Human Element in Customer Service, True Alignment, and the Implicit Career Search.

This experience is designed for people who work with people, for people or through people — leaders, managers, supervisors, individual contributors, coaches, trainers and consultants will all benefit from this experience.

  • Learn to avoid the pitfalls of interpersonal conflicts
  • Increase comfort in dealing with emotions and emotional issues
  • Discover unconscious blocks to personal effectiveness
  • Develop skillfulness in giving difficult feedback that supports productive relations
  • Learn to deal successfully with the defensiveness of others
  • Learn how you trigger resistance and defensiveness in others, and how to stop it
  • Learn how your language and behavior is interpreted by, and affects others